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Dear Mr. Simmons: a rebuttal

Dear Mr Simmons:

At this point, there is nothing worse than listening to advice from a Red Sox fan: “look at how it is done Cubs fans: you just play some moneyball, reverse the curse, be loose, say some prayers, keep on plugging, believe in miracles, and most of all never give up”.

You might as well be tell us to think “outside-the-box” and to try “putting some synergy on that baseball”.

What gets me the most is that Red Sox fans were the most bitter and non-believing of any tortured fan base. Now that the worm has turned, these people are constantly trying to explain that their faith and fortitude was the key to winning. We appreciated you as brethren but you have moved on now.

You talk a little bit about how your Boston friends hate you in the winter since you have moved to LA.

That is sort of what this is about except the Chicago Cubs baseball hemisphere does not tilt predictably towards the sun on an annual basis. As Cubs fans, we are currently stationed at the North Pole and we know there is no Santa Claus.

I hope to join you in feeling peoples pain one day, in the meantime I hope LA is swallowed in a tsunami.

Your fan,

Andre Fonseca

This article refers to Bill Simmons recent article: Consider these teams officially tortured


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