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Fukudome rhymes with "Andre"

Ladies and gentlemen we finally have the legendary Fukudome (Foo-koo-doe-may) under contract to play Right Field according to ESPN last night and the Cubs made it official this morning!

There are good things being said:

  • "Plays like Ichiro in the field"

  • "On-Base-Machine"

  • "Power to the Gaps"

  • "Best Japanese player in Japan"

And some unfounded rumors:

  • Had surgery

  • Eats raw fish

  • Last name is Emodukuf spelled backwards

  • Is really a Japanese guy (?!)

TFB thinks this move will really help the club, we scored an exclusive interview with Lou Pinella to hear his thoughts:

TFB: Hi Lou!
Lou: What the F*ck do you want at 4am?
TFB: It's 2 in the afternoon Lou.
Lou: (mumbling...) Look lets not gloom and doom this thing guys...
TFB: It's over Lou, the playoffs are over, we are calling about Fukudome.
Lou: Hey listen- I don't need this crap- good bye!
TFB: No! Don't hang up.. He is the new addition to the Cubby line-up from Japan.
Lou: (mumbling...) I really thought we needed Carlos for game 4.
TFB: Lou- it's OK, forget the 2007 NLDS. We want to know about the Japanese guy Hendry has been writing love letters to- he used to play for the Chunichi Dragons over there.
Lou: (suddenly alert) Now that you mention it I am pretty hungry.
TFB: Thanks for the chat Lou! See you at Spring Training.
Lou: What about that Chunichi I ordered? Let me have some Won-Tons and maybe some fried rice with that.



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