Starting Rotation

Jason Marquis 21 RHP

Jason Marquis comes to the Cubs from the festering baseball pit known as Saint Louis. Jason is a crafty pitcher who can add a little bit of peppa when he needs to. Known for having a serious Scrabble affliction, Jason can be seen mumbling all the 2 letter words in the dictionary while warming up for a start.

Fun Fact:

  • In an exclusive interview with TFB, Jason explained that Tony LaRussa normally prefers Boggle but on occasion would accept Jason's ongoing Scrabble challenge. Jason is 28-0-1 lifetime vs LaRussa in Scrabble.

Ted Lilly 30 LHP

Teddy has already lived up to his contract by providing Cubs fans everywhere with that precious commodity known as 'Hope'. He is left handed, throws a wicked breaking ball and has not really shown enough personality to completely finish this bio yet. Nevertheless TFB has dug deep into the Ted Lilly archives to bring you these important facts:

  • Ted is actually an acronym for Terrifically Extraneous Dorsal- for some reason TEDs parents were sort of into obscure words, human orgins, and secret meanings.
  • Ted once played baseball in Canada
  • Ted is by far the teams best thumb wrestler (no tag teams- if there are tag teams then Bobby Howry has a lock)

Carlos Zambrano 38 RHP

Bet You Did Know:

  • Carlos is completely insane
  • Carlos believes in God
  • If for any reason Carlos is chasing after your car with that excitable look on his face, do not stop, do not get out of the car, do not attempt to talk things over with him as reasonable adults would do to work out their differences. Zambrano needs to be loved like your neighbors pit bull, from a safe distance.