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Mike Fontenot 5' 2" 2B

The other half of the Cajun duo, Fontenot and Theriot share platters of shrimp before games and a boat house on the Calumet river. They’re buds!

Other notable facts:

  • Would love to live in a world where he could be listed at his true height without being subjected to further jokes about Lord of The Rings, Hobbit, Willow, etc. He’s a little guy, it’s not his fault and he can play baseball a hell of lot better than you!

  • Would love to give that Rudy guy from the Notre Dame movie a backwater whupping

  • Spent the entire all star break talking about fishing, he literally didn’t sleep or eat, just talked about fishing! Felt a little silly when he mentioned his feat to Lou Piniella after the break and Lou asked him why he never actually went fishing.

Possible tension in the clubhouse-
Mike Fontenot wears number 17. This is notable not just for the fact that Mark Grace donned the number during his days on the North side but the fact that Felix Pie wore #17 on his back (and front while wearing the road grey's) then oddly switched to #20 before he was sent back to Iowa. (Not sure if Eric Patterson put him up to wearing his elder brothers old number. A number that is so stained it shouldn’t be retired but eviscerated. Not just from Cubs jersey's past, present and future but from the Hindu-Arabic number system.) So what gives?


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